At Pinelodge Home, we offer a variety of facilities designed to prioritise the comfort, care, and happiness of our patients.


Pinelodge Home is thoughtfully designed across five floors. We offer 130 single bedrooms, each with en-suite facilities. Residents are encouraged to personalise their rooms and contribute to the decorating process. The home features four lounges with multimedia facilities and a dining room overlooking the gardens. Every room and corridor is wheelchair accessible, ensuring ease and mobility for all residents.



There’s nothing quite as therapeutic as being outdoors. Our home boasts a wonderful, relaxing outdoor space where residents can take a stroll, engage in gardening, and simply enjoy the fresh air. The large, secure gardens feature vegetable patches and comfortable outdoor furniture, providing a perfect setting for relaxation and recreation.


– Quiz Nights: Test your knowledge and enjoy friendly competition in our weekly quiz nights. These events are a great way to stimulate the mind and foster camaraderie among residents.

– Craft Sessions: Unleash your creativity with our arts and crafts sessions. From painting to knitting, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

– Music Therapy: Relax and rejuvenate with some music, designed to enhance emotional well-being and bring joy through the power of music.

– Themed Parties: Celebrate special occasions with our themed parties, complete with decorations, costumes, and delicious food.

– Gardening Club: Join our gardening club to nurture plants, enjoy the outdoors, and contribute to our beautiful garden spaces.

– Movie Nights: Enjoy a cinematic experience with our movie nights, featuring a wide selection of classic and contemporary films.


Our dedicated team is always here to support and encourage participation in these activities, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to engage in meaningful and enjoyable experiences. Join us and discover the joy of a lively and supportive community.



Good food is one of life’s greatest joys, and we want our residents to look forward to their meals each day. Our full-time chefs prepare high-quality, home-cooked meals that are both healthy and delicious, accommodating all dietary requirements.