Welcome to Pinelodge Care Home

Simply, caring.

At Pine Lodge Care Home, we prioritise the well-being and individuality of each resident. Our commitment is reflected in the following core principles:

The Right to a High Quality of Life

We ensure our residents enjoy a high quality of life, offering them the freedom to pursue their religious, political, and personal interests while respecting their privacy at all times.

The Right to Fulfilment

We support our residents in reaching their full potential, recognising and nurturing their physical and intellectual abilities, no matter how small.

The Right to Dignity

We maintain our residents’ self-respect by providing them with privacy and space, and by treating them with consistent courtesy and respect.

The Right to Individuality 

We respond to the unique needs of each resident, helping them maintain their identity and honouring their beliefs and opinions.

The Right to Esteem 

We value the life experiences and talents of our residents, getting to know their families and visitors to help boost their morale and sense of self-worth.


At Pine Lodge, we are dedicated to putting our residents at the heart of everything we do, ensuring they feel in control of their care and choices. Accessibility at Pine Lodge Care Home



Every aspect of our environment is meticulously designed to ensure full accessibility and usability for all our facilities. We are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive space where everyone can enjoy a comfortable and independent lifestyle.

Our Dedicated Team at Pine Lodge Care Home

Our staff undergo extensive training and are fully qualified in all areas of care. More than just their qualifications, our team members are warm, personable, and thoroughly vetted to ensure they embody our core values.

Exceptional Dining at Pine Lodge Care Home

We take pride in offering our residents a genuine choice of delicious meals at every mealtime. Our varied and extensive menu caters to all tastes and dietary needs. We are also proud to have achieved the highest possible NHDC Food Hygiene Rating of '5 stars: Excellent.'

Social Life

We believe in the importance of a vibrant and engaging social life for our residents. Every day, we offer a diverse range of activities and events. Our aim is to ensure that everyone feels involved, stimulated, and part of our warm community.

Inviting Amenities at Pinelodge Care Home

Our amenities are thoughtfully designed and built to the highest standards, ensuring our residents enjoy both comfort and delight during their stay with us.

Fair Fees

At Pine Lodge Care Home, we are proud to offer fair and transparent fees. We believe in providing exceptional care and services at a price that reflects our commitment to quality and value for our residents and their families.